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Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends for the Next Decade

Kitchen cabinet ideas are everywhere you look, but they’re not always easy to identify. Many people are confused about the different types of cabinets and wonder how to make their kitchen look more stylish. Here are some kitchen cabinets ideas to get you started.cabinet

Rustic-The rustic style is one of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinet ideas. Open shelving provides an airy and open feel to kitchens and allows easy access to dishes and other items. This style of large cabinets with several cubbies will also give your kitchen an antique, rustic feel. There are 12 DIY rustic kitchen cabinet ideas here.

Country-This is another great choice if you love the countryside. Country kitchens are often decorated in an old-fashioned country style. Choose farmhouse kitchen design details like wood accents and rough textures for hardware, doors, and paint. Use accessories that match your cabinetry. For example, you could use wooden door handles that match your wooden cabinets.

Barnicle-These are kitchen cabinets that come in solid color families, such as tan, red, black, or white. They’re perfect for someone who wants to add some individuality to their space. Barnicle kitchen cabinets look best in farmhouse kitchens because of their warm, country appeal. Some people even choose painted backsplash panels. Choose colors like red, black, and brown for this kind of cabinetry.

Wood-The timeless beauty of wood cabinets has made them one of the most popular choices for kitchen design. Modern wood designs are especially attractive in compact, oval, or rectangle shapes. Many manufacturers have standard kitchen sizes so you won’t have to pay extra for your custom sizes. The main drawback with wood cabinets is that they can be expensive. Try to stay away from cheap materials unless you absolutely have to. Keep in mind that the goal is to find high quality construction for a low price, so be prepared to shop around.

Dark Wood-The dark wood styles are often associated with gourmet kitchens, but they make great cabinet ideas for all kitchens. They give a sense of depth and substance. Dark wood also exudes a richness that lighter woods don’t. The downside is that dark wood is harder to repair and maintain. If your cabinets stain badly, or you simply want more durability, consider a different style.

White-The white kitchen cabinet trend is here to stay. With it’s sleek, simple, and affordable appeal, it’s no surprise that so many people love it. Although the trend seems to be fading in popularity, it might be a good idea to hold on to your white units while the trend does not. If you do decide to sell later on, it will be worth it because of the value. Even with the fading of the white kitchen cabinet trend, two-toned cabinets can make a statement while remaining unique.

Matte Black or Satin Black- Although both have their place in today’s cabinetry, it seems that the matte black color has taken over the market. This may be a good thing because it is relatively easy to clean and maintain. However, if you are looking for a color that is more unique, try either black or satin black. Satin is slightly more expensive but it also is easier to repair and maintain. The chalk paint on the other hand is more durable and will last for years to come as long as it is properly sealed and painted with a sealer.

Modern Hardware- Although you may not want to go completely antique, there are plenty of ways to give your cabinets an upgrade without spending tons of money. One way to do this would be to change out the knobs and drawer pulls on your cabinets. Today, stainless steel knobs and drawer pulls are becoming popular choices. You can also replace your cabinet doors with something more interesting such as shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets allow light to filter through the glass making the area much larger and visually appealing.

Other Modern Kitchen Cabinets- Like open shelving, you may want to stay away from the more traditional metals when searching for ideas on modern kitchen cabinet design trends. While metal and glass are great options, they can be too common and monotonous. In addition, it can be difficult to keep your modern kitchen cabinets like open shelving updated with new trends. For an easier time doing it, consider checking online for some cabinet design tips and ideas.

If you’re interested in changing up the look of your cabinets, one idea that you might want to consider is to add some extra deep drawers or cabinet doors. The Internet is a great resource for additional information on cabinet door ideas, including how to install them, and modern kitchen cabinets like open shelving. If you’re looking to save some money while still staying on budget, consider investing in some stainless steel drawer pulls. These inexpensive hardware pieces can easily update your cabinets, without spending a lot of money.